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Video Your Love de Keane

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Letra Your Love de Keane

I didn't want to go
Go back and look for you
But it's a heart that's strong
I'm addicted to

And when I ride that road
I started to feel there you
I think I see your face
It come with me...

Those that live backwards
get scared with the faces
Your love is so good
Now that I'm here I suddenly find that
I'm tumbling backwards

And back to where I held you for
Dreaming of all in our whole lives
Now I'm lying on your floor
Cast to the shows of your love

The quimic go so high
The molecules got life
The world gets cold and scared
Somewhere down inside

Bury the youngs now
Stay in between us
No man can lead us

Time stumbling backwards
Getting the youngs up
Somebody needs us

Nothing better anymore
I'm still addicted to your love
Now I'm lying on your floor
Tumbling backwards to you love
Over and over to your love

I know they're only ghosts and memories that I'm clutching in
And maybe I'm reaching back to something I never had
Still it seems so real to me these wracked things that lead me back to you...

And back to where I held you for
I'm still addicted to your love
Now I'm lying on your floor
Clutching the surface of your love

And in all the nights we had
Clutching the heights of your love
Nothing's better anymore
I'm looking young here with your love

More and more with your love
Over and over with your love

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