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Video She's A Rebel de Green Day

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Letra She's A Rebel de Green Day

She's a rebel,
She's a saint,
She's salt of the earth,
And she's dangerous,
She's a rebel,
Missing link on the brink,
Of destruction

From Chicago,
To Toronto,
She's the one that they,
Call old whatsername,
She's a symbol,
Of resistance,
And she's holding on my,
Heart like a hand grenade

Is she dreaming,
What I'm thinking?
Is she the mother of all bombs?
Gonna detonate,
Is she trouble,
Like I'm trouble?
Make it a double,
Twist of fate,
Or a melody that

She sings the revolution,
The dawning of our lives,
She brings this liberation,
That I just can't define,
Nothing comes to mind

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