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Video It's christmas de Modern Talking

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Letra It's christmas de Modern Talking

What do the lonely do on Christmas?
woman is a man's best friend
there are people in loneliness, girl
waiting for a helping hand.

There is no mountain that's high enough
heaven will send me
you're drawning in a sea of love girl,
never set you free.

I have a heart of sun
and you will never be alone
we'll have some days of fun
my love.

Oh, babe, it's Christmas
and I give you my heart
oh, it's Christmas
from the very first start.
Oh, babe, it's Christmas
wish you a happy New Year
oh, it's Christmas
pray for me to be here.

What do the lonely do on New Year?
what do the lonely do?
I've been looking
through your tears, babe
feel memories with you.

Dreams are nothing more than emotions
but they will come true
give me all your sweet devotions
babe, I'm missing you.



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