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Video Just a girl de Shakira

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Letra Just a girl de Shakira

Remove that pink line of my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's not a great surprise
You think I don't know
Exactly where I have to be
That world is forcing myself
To hold your hand
Because I'm just a girl, a small girl
Don't leave me out of your vision
I'm just a girl, beautiful and delicate
Then don't leave me with any right
Oh... And I tolerated until the moment!
The moment in that I stepped out of here
A lot of reasons exist
For me to run and hide
I don't manage to just do the small things
Me until it tried, dear
But they are those small things
That I fear, therefore I am just a girl
I preferred not to be
Because them nor they let to go
Late at night
I am just a girl
I think I am half crazy
Because all sit down and they look at me
With those eyes
I am just a girl
Take a good look in me
Typical prototype
Oh... I tolerated here
Oh... am I being clear enough?
I am just a girl
I am just a girl in the world
Everything is that you let me to be!
I am just a girl, living in captivity
Their rules
They worry me
Am I just a girl, which is my destiny?
What is forced to do
Is doing me numbed
I am just a girl. Excuse me
That is a bale
I am just a girl. Supplies my
Doesn't have nor comparison
Oh... I tolerated too much
Oh... I tolerated too much
Oh... I tolerated too much here

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