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Letra de la canción Cafetín de buenos aires (en inglés) de Enrique santos discépolo

In my childhood I stared at you
as those things I would never possess
the nose against your window
in an iced blue feeling
that only later, living,
was the same in my soul
As a school that teaches all things,
in my youth you gave me in wonder
a good smoke
a faith in my dreams
and a hope for love

How can I forget you in my lament
'caféân de Buenos Aires'?
If you are the only one in life
who resembled my mother
In your strange association
of smart guys and self-killers
I learned philosophy dice gamble
and the bitter poetry
of not to think of myself

You gave me in gold a fistful of friends
the same who cheer my life and my hours
JosÝ the one with dreams
Marcial who still believes and hopes
and skinny Abel who's gone
but still he guides me
On your tables that never ask questions
I wept some day my first disillusion
I knew of pains,
I drank my years
And I gave up with no fight

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