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Letra de la canción Falling Off de Aerosmith

I was a young man
whose intentions where good,
kept my hands in my pockets
the way that i should.
i soon found out
they had a mind of their own
begginin' to think
i have a heart made of stone.
I keep falling off
i keep falling off
i keep falling off
I try to remember,
i try to forget.
i'll keep my promise
if thats what i said.
i had your number
but i never call,
i got no excuse
so i got my back to the wall.
I keep falling off...
My, i don't wanna see,
my ears don't wanna hear,
the things that make me feel
that keep me so endear to you.
it makes me think,
is that the best that i can do?
It doesn't matter
the times that i fall
i'm up for the next one
like i'm ten feet tall!
I keep falling off
i keep falling off...

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